Fusion Solar Inc was started over 21 years ago. Owner John S. knew there was a better way of doing business in San Diego as a solar installation contractor, so he created Fusion Solar. John came from an extensive background of decades of experience and expertise in implementing solar projects for his career. He has also come from the office side of the construction tracks. In 1999 he decided to start Fusion Technology, it was a perfect blend of real-world construction knowledge backed by his master electrician expertise, He oversees every solar installation from start to finish providing exceptional quality and delivering energy excellence.

For over 21 years, we have been contracting the right way with ZERO complaints. We have been blessed with great customers and most importantly great staff members. 

We look forward to working with you. This is the first step in never paying for another electrical bill again!

Fusion Solar Family & staff...... 

Our systems PRODUCE up to 20% more power than any others! Why? It's our HYBRID Technology!


Celebrating 21years of Solar !

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Our core goal at Fusion Solar Inc is to have 100% customer satisfaction on each project we install. From our customer care representatives to our solar installation teams, we strive for customer excellence we believe in transparency and want you to make an informed, confident decision about going solar. You should be thrilled about how solar positively impacts your life! We stand behind the solar revolution!

We would be honored to be your #1 choice to have our electrical engineer go over your options for eliminating your electrical bill; We also offer in writing the lowest price guarantee, with confidence.