Commerical Roof Mount Solar & Carports

Fusion Solar Inc has installed more Carport & ground solar mount projects than anyone solar contractor in San Diego County. From designing & engineering the structure, to permitting & installation; we have perfected these projects not many other solar companies want to do. As they seem to be harder to build than most. However, we make the process very easy and these projects go very smooth with our Fusion staff. As there are a lot of details & engineering involved in these projects, you want to make sure you choose us to navigate efficiently for you and your family. We install these type of projects within about 30 calendar days to which our competitors will do in 4 months! 



Residential Carports & Ground Mounts

Fusion Solar Inc is the only solar company that has developed our division to benefit the agricultural businesses and homes here in Southern California. When you can eliminate a $ 4,000 per month electric bill, now that is the POWER OF THE SUN! We have many programs in our company that have special incentives to go solar for our friends in the farming & growing communities.

Why Fusion Solar you ask?

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Agricultural Solar 

Residential Roof Mount Solar

Solar panels are attached to the roof of a home or business or installed in the ground at the property. Sun rays hit the photovoltaic cells in the panels to create a Direct Current (DC) electricity. This electricity will pass through an inverter(s) to convert the power to Alternating Current (AC) so your home or business can use it. This current feeds through the utility meter and main service electrical panel. The property consumes the energy needed, while the excess energy feeds into the utility grid, adding credit to your utility account.

The utility companies love solar power, as the energy generated from each system helps offset the energy crisis during the daytime and afternoon “peak hours” period and helps avoid costly outages. Once a solar system is granted PTO (Permission to Operate), the customer enters into a Net Metering arrangement with the utility company. Instead of only using the utility’s energy each month and being billed for usage according to the expensive billing rates, the utility company now sends a statement each month showing the “net” difference in electricity produced from solar and the property’s electricity consumption. For months when more power is generated than consumed, the utility statement will show a REC (Renewable Energy Credit). For months where the property consumes more power than is generated, the account statement will show a deficit. As both production and consumption of power varies seasonally, the credits and deficits carry or “roll over” a 12 month period. A customer may opt to pay for any excess consumption at the end of the month, or they may simply wait until the end of each 12 month period to allow for the consumption and production figures to balance out to zero or an account credit. Thus, solar property owners are able to eliminate expensive utility-provided energy and replace it with cleaner and cheaper solar energy.

Fusion Solar Inc has installed over 10,000 roofs mounted solar systems in San Diego. We have installed on every roof type that is out there. Composition shingle, wood shake, metal, flat tile, s tile, Spanish tile, concrete, and flat roofs to name a few. We are the experts you need on your roof when it comes to your solar project! There is not one roof type we have not been on at least 2,000 times which is AMAZING! Remember we are the only company with a 25-year materials & LABOR warranty. See our WHY FUSION page to get all the details

Fusion Solar Inc has been financing commercial solar projects for over ten years. We have been chosen on several occasions to install solar projects for the Federal Government. We have installed over 4 million watts worth of commercial solar panels. To put that into the context of how many panels have been installed, let's say it is over 15,000 panels! Some of our major customers have been North Island Naval base, Spa War, Total Gym, Aqua Terra Apartments, NRAD submarine base, Padre Dam municipal water authority, Miramar naval base, Carlsbad water treatment center, and many many more... You ready for solar from the experts!

Here at Fusion Solar, we believe in customer satisfaction first. We do not try to up-sale our customers; We are upfront and honest, If Solar does not make sense for you as our potential customer and if you do not save money by going solar with us, we will inform you right away. Where other solar companies will try to make a sale we will not waste your time. We are not a dishonest company; the majority of our clients are referral based from past satisfied customers who were extremely happy with our services.

Fusion Solar also will be there with you every step of the way, Fusion Solar Designs each system to be easily upgradable for future. because Solar systems are a long term commitment. Households change, environments change. Electric cars come into play, Ect.

You can reach us anytime by calling the Office, Emailing us or calling our cell phones. We look forward to saving you money and eliminating your electrical bill.