Tesla Power Wall Series

We have been installing Outback Back Up power systems for over six years. These systems are great for wanting to be off the grid, using batteries as a form of energy in conjunction with the power of the sun. A great combination and we have found that you can save more money and life of your solar system with this system added as a feature. We have installed hundreds of these systems more in the rural, country, farms, and remote communities where electricity is expensive and not reliable.

Generac back up power systems

Tesla' new Power Wall is an impressive, new technology which utilizes all the Tesla components to bring this energy storage system to life. This unit can adapt to any solar system existing on your property or add to your new system to be installed. As it is brand new technology, it will just get better and better with Tesla behind the push for a better plant.

Outback battery back up system

​Generac back up power systems are straightforward and are easy to add onto existing solar systems or include in your new order. For the piece of mind, a majority of back up systems would add about $ 60 /month to your solar loan. Not bad considering that if you lose power and your refrigerator goes down, you could lose hundreds of dollars in food. Also, it is nice to come home to find your house is the only one with lighting and the AC working when the power is out to the neighborhood!